Styrofoam vs. Paper cups: Which One is More Greener?
     When you ask this question to people, many would guess a paper cup is much more eco-friendly than a styrofoam cup. If you also
     chose paper cup, you;d be surprised at the answer. Because, a Styrofoam cup is a better option for environment in many cases. 


    Paper cups do not biodegrade 
    They look compostable & recyclable and that is why many people think that paper cup is more eco-friendly. They will be biodegraded
    eventually as does anything, but it won’t decompose for at least 20 years.
    Paper cups cost more to produce
    Paper cups require more raw materials and energy than styrofoam cups and therefore production of paper cups costs more.
    More petroleum is needed to make a paper cup than a polystyrene one.

    4.1 gm petroleum is needed to make a paper cup but only 3.2 gm for a polystyrene one. If the paper cup has a plastic or wax coating
    even more.

    A paper cup costs about 5p; a polystyrene one about 2p. Less waste gas is produced per polystyrene cup than paper cups
    We use different types of cups for different purposes. Paper, styrofoam or plastic cups make our life easier but none of them are good
    for our environment and neither for us.

    So there is a third option. Bring your own cup with you. By putting an effort, you are taking a step forward to keep your environment