Welcome to the official website OF Al Khair Plastics, Pakistans largest manufacturers and suppliers of foam and plastic disposables.
     Since 1994, Al Khair Plastics has been committed to leading the catering and food packaging industries and cater the entire world.
     We offer a large selection of high quality food packaging products. We engage with our customers in a personal, friendly and prof-
     essional manner.  We are experts in Styro Polystyrene Products.  We aspire to provide  our  customers with the  lowest  prices  in 
     Pakistan. Our extensive manufacturing and distribution network allows us to provide excellent customer service & having the edge
     of Exports expertise, our rates are almost unmatchable.

     Al Khair Plastics created a new direction in its activities in 1994  with production of EPS foam cups  as its new line  of business  in 
     plastics. The company is based in the heart of the industrial zone in Lahore, whereas this Foam Cup production facility has started
     in Karachi. Al Khair Plastics has advanced facilities for the production of high quality goods The company is committed to  maintain 
     the high quality of all its products manufactured,  while ensuring competitive prices  and  good customer service tailored  to  each 
     client’s individual needs.

     Our aim is customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to take care of  all your requirements  from the  moment of  your first  contact
     right up to the delivery of your goods. We endeavour to give you our personal  attention to ensure  that  we can meet  your most 
     stringent requirements.

     Final delivery is to your specific instructions whether multi-drop or single consignment. We look forward to providing you  with  our 
     excellent customer service and quality products.

     Polystyrene Keeps both hot and cold  drinks  at optimum  serving temperature  for much longer  than  any other medium.  No more 
     burned hands and ‘double-cupping’

     Nothing keeps food at its proper serving temperature longer than insulated foam. Foam food containers can be prepackaged or used
     for immediate serving. We manufacture High Quality, Leak-Free Disposable Polystyrene Cups & Tubs.

     As the leading manufacturer with a wide range of expanded polystyrene  (EPS) products,  Al Khair Plastics  has  grown from  humble
     roots in 1994 to a household brand with a national footprint in the new millennium. This success story has a large extent been based
     on the company’s core philosophy of innovation, customized solutions and commitment  to service excellence, servicing a large  and
     diversified customer base,which operates in a vast range of differentiated markets and industries.

     Based at its new world-class production facility in Karachi, Al Khair Plastics strives to take these values further into the future, at 
     the same time developing its considerable wealth of technical expertise and experience and adhering to its strict code of good envir-
     onmental practice. Indeed, Al Khair Plastics is taking foam to new places.
     We’re still a family owned business and proudly 100% Pakistani. Our product range of akp branded products includes disposable foam
     cups of different sizes and plastic lids.

     Email us for a complete list of the full range of products in disposable foam foam cups and lids.

     If you have any  specific suggestions,  general comments, technical questions,  bug reports  and  so on,  please send an e-mail  to 
     [email protected] We will review your e-mail and reply as soon as possible.


     Our foam cups and bowl are leak-proof and come with lids to fit  all sizes.  They have superb  insulation properties  for hot  or  cold. 
     They don't sweat, leak, or collapse or burn your fingers like paper containers. Ideal for table service, takeout, vending, catering and
     hospitals. An attractive, economic and hygienic way to serve your condiments and deli foods.

     With over 20 years of product and market knowledge, PPD is well known for its quality assurance and low costs. In addition to empl-
     oying the best professionals  in the industry,  we also build our success on utilizing  the most  advanced technology  in the  market.
     Without the state-of-the-art technology, it is impossible to meet the standards of some of our major clients. Today, we serve clients
     throughout the world including UK, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.

     Al Khair Plastics understands that time is the essence in today's fast paced economy. We use CNC machines and lathe & verification
     machines to provide accurate and faultless samples. Quick response rate and short mould making lead-time is our promise.

     To ensure consistent quality and uphold of mass production volumes,  we have the most advanced systems  from  Germany  and E.U.
     And raw material imported from European Union. Registered at the Export Processing Zone, we have Exports License for Exeption from
     All sorts of Duties making our company Suitable for all customers  to buy on competetive rates from other manufacturers.  In addition,
     majority of our cups and bowls have fitted lids that are widely used in the market.  However,  we can also customize any  product to
     your specific needs. Let us know your needs and we will be sure to satisfy them.

     Within our production facilities, we also have a high-speed automatic printing machine which is one of the leading printers in the world.
     From simple to full color designs, this is a fashionable and economical channel to advertise your brand and or company to the masses.
     The fine printing quality will indefinitely add value to your products.

     Lastly, we understand the importance of quality. Our control team ensures consistent quality from raw materials to finished products.
     Quality control is the key to our customers' satisfaction.

     Al Khair Plastics is Pakistan’s oldest and largest foam cup manufacturer and have become renowned for consistent quality and supply.
     Made from materials which are 100% free of CFCs, ideal for hot & cold drink, Rema insulated foam cups are unsurpassed for insulation.



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